Transforming Spaces: Discover the Fusion of Indoor and Outdoor in Our Interior Garden

Join us on an exciting journey as we delve into a remarkable project, masterfully guided by our top designer, Ashton Pierce. What makes this project truly extraordinary is the fact that it’s Ashton’s very own home, serving as the ultimate testament to his innovative design style and unwavering passion for seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces.

One of the standout features of this project is the interior garden, a space that seamlessly blends the interior with the exterior. Ashton’s inspiration for the garden came from their desire to have a place where they could truly immerse themselves in nature while in the heart of their home.

But as with any design, bringing the vision to life had its challenges, and the interior garden was no exception. The technical aspects of the construction process proved to be intricate, yet our team at Pierce Design + Build rose to the challenge, implementing systems to ensure proper water flow and management within the garden. We also built special footings and foundation walls around the outside to provide the necessary stability for this unique feature.

At Pierce Design + Build, we thrive on tackling complexities to bring our client’s visions to life. Our team of experts combines skill and innovation to overcome challenges and deliver exceptional results. We’re not just focused on constructing spaces; we’re committed to building lasting relationships and creating experiences that surpass expectations.

Stay tuned for more updates on this project as we share our process and insights with you. At Pierce Design + Build, we’re not just building structures; we’re building relationships with you.