The Pantry: Market Vibes

We had a clear vision in mind for our pantry, we wanted to create something where the kids could come in and grab snacks easily but even more importantly see fresh beautiful food right in front of them so that was the first thing that they wanted to grab.

Market Vibes: To bring this vision to life, we decided to infuse some market magic into their pantry. You know that feeling when you stroll through a local farmers’ market on a sunny Saturday morning? That’s exactly what we wanted to recreate. So, we incorporated market-style shelves into the design. Now, the first thing you see when you enter the pantry is a cornucopia of fresh produce. We also made sure they were down low enough that they could hop up on a stool and grab what they wanted as well as drawers with snacks and accessibility to the utensils they needed and to the things that they were going to have.

Ample Refrigeration and Freezer Space: We understood that a pantry isn’t just about snacks; it’s also about stocking up on ingredients for family meals. To cater to this need, we installed large fridges and freezers. Now we access to everything we need while cooking with our family which is such a big part of our lives.