Santa’s Castle

In 1961, Jerry Green had a vision – a vision sparked by his 5-year-old son’s desire for a more immersive Santa Claus experience. What began as a simple idea has blossomed into a cherished tradition for the residents of Ogden, Utah – Santa’s Castle. Now, in 2023, Pierce Design + Build is taking on the task of breathing new life into this beloved community institution, while paying homage to Jerry Green’s original concept.

A Community Comes Together

Jerry Green’s dream was ambitious: to create a place where children could step into the enchanting world of Santa’s North Pole home. To turn this dream into reality, he knew he couldn’t do it alone. So, he turned to the community for help, and the response was overwhelming. Local businesses pitched in with materials, Utah Power and Light pledged to provide the electricity for the enchanting lights, and everyone worked together to bring Santa’s Village to life.

The Inauguration of Christmas Village

On November 23, 1962, the very first Christmas Village opened its doors, marking the start of Ogden’s holiday season. The magical world of Santa’s Castle, filled with toy and candy shops, instantly became a cherished tradition for generations to come. Little did those involved know that their hope for a lasting legacy would continue for decades, with Santa’s Castle becoming an integral part of the Ogden holiday experience.

Pierce Design + Build’s Role

Fast forward to 2023, when Pierce Design + Build accepted the challenge of reimagining this beloved Ogden tradition. Honoring Jerry Green’s original vision while infusing new life into Santa’s Castle became the mission. Santa and Mrs. Claus recognized the need for a renovation of their interior space to welcome the children of Ogden City this holiday season, and they turned to Pierce Design + Build.

The Journey of Transformation

Initially, our team had dreamt of creating a unique home within the Christmas Village, but fate had a different plan. The opportunity to renovate Santa’s Castle presented itself, and without hesitation, our team decided to embrace this incredible honor. The task at hand felt enormous, but our commitment to the community and the spirit of Christmas was unwavering.

A Design to Last

Pierce Design + Build has carefully cultivated a design for Santa’s Castle that respects its rich history while ensuring its continued relevance for at least another 25 years. The goal is to preserve the enchantment of Santa’s Castle and the joy it brings to countless families during the holiday season. Santa’s Castle has come a long way since its inception in 1961, and its journey continues with Pierce Design + Build at the helm. As we embark on this exciting transformation, we carry with us the spirit of community, the magic of Christmas, and the responsibility of preserving a cherished tradition for generations to come. Santa’s Castle will always be a place where dreams come true, and we are honored to be part of its enduring story. We look forward to welcoming the children of Ogden City to the reimagined Santa’s Castle this holiday season and for many more to come.