Wallpaper Dos and Donts

How do you feel about using wallpaper in your home? It used to be all the rage prior to going out of style for several years. It’s recently made quite a comeback, securing a spot in many designers’ bags of tricks. Just because it’s regaining popularity doesn’t mean that anything and everything is fair game. There are plenty of dos and don’ts when it comes to using wallpaper.

Planning the Project

The first thing you’ll need to do is to plan out your wallpaper project.

The Dos:

Measure twice, cut once the wallpaper is guaranteed to be applied in the project(s). Make sure you carefully measure the area you intend to wallpaper so you know how much you need. Get extra to cover pattern drops. Plan to get all your wallpaper at once and remember to check the lot numbers. That way you get your wallpaper from the same batch so the colors will match.

The Don’ts: 

 Don’t make the mistake of wallpapering without a plan. That’s a sure way to end up with a dissatisfying mess. To avoid this, measure and cut all your wallpaper strips before you get started, or to lay everything on the floor so you have it lined up the way you want it. 

Choosing the Wallpaper

Once you’ve planned out your project, it’s time to choose your wallpaper.

The Dos:

Consider the size of the room and wall you’ll be wallpapering when choosing the wallpaper. Depending on their placement, colors and patterns may make rooms look bigger or more intimate. Test the wallpaper on your walls by pinning it up before permanently applying it. Remember, wallpaper isn’t like paint: it’s hard to remove if you decide you don’t like it.

The Don’ts:

Don’t forget to take the existing interior design into account. Unless you want to change up the rest of the room, choose a wallpaper that fits with the style of your home or space it’s going in . Try to avoid complicated patterns or designs, since they can be difficult to line up on the wall. 


Wallpaper can start going up once all the supplies have been gathered.

The Dos:

Hire a professional to install the wallpaper. They have the tools and experience necessary to do a quality job. Remember that wallpaper doesn’t have to cover an entire room or even a whole wall. Consider using it to visually divide space.

The Don’ts:

If you must install the wallpaper yourself, don’t forget to prep the walls first. The base will influence the final result. Because of that, avoid putting wallpaper up on old walls. Most importantly, don’t cut corners.

Wallpaper can be a great tool for decorating and personalizing your home, but it has to be done right. Doing it right is the only way to make sure that your walls look as fabulous as you picture them. Remember, you can always turn to Pierce Design + Build for your remodeling and interior design needs, including tastefully wallpapering your home as part of our full design services.