Top Three Home Remodels That Give the Most Bang for Your Buck

While your current home may have been the perfect fit back when you bought it, chances are it hasn’t stayed that way. Changes in family size, hobbies, habits, and health can have a big impact on how you use your home. If you’re like most people, your budget to remodel isn’t unlimited. So it’s important to put your money where it counts. You want to make changes that give you the biggest increase in functionality and home value at a price that works for your financial situation. We’ve been remodeling homes for ages and our experience has taught us that the following remodels give the most bang for your buck.

Main-level Expansion

Two of the most important rooms in the house are the kitchen and the living room. These spaces are where a lot of family and social interactions take place. As such, it can put a damper on things if the space is cramped. This problem can be solved with a main level expansion. A main-level expansion can give you more space to work and entertain.  Depending on the amount of space you’re looking to add to your home, you may be able to simply add a bump-out. Bump-outs tend to add about two to fifteen feet onto a home. Bump-outs can be a great way to add onto your home while saving a bit of money as they tend to be less expensive than full additions.

Add an Attached Garage

Adding an attached to your home has several practical benefits. First off, it gives you a place to store your cars. After your home, your cars are probably your next most valuable asset. Don’t leave them outside where they can be damaged by the elements. The sun alone can quickly damage your car’s paint job which will eventually lead to peeling paint and rust. Not to mention that leaving your car outside gives ample opportunity for it to be broken into. Additional garage space can also give you valuable storage for your yard equipment, tools, and outdoor toys. Best of all, having extra garage space can really bump up the worth of your home. This increase in your home equity can give you access to larger home equity loans and a bigger profit if you sell down the road.

Mother-in-law Suite

Adding a mother-in-law suite is a great way to suit the needs of a family member or as a way to allow for renters in a private manner for them and for you.  It has its own bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen and can easily be closed off from everything else. You can often create one out of rooms that you already have, or you can build one as an addition. The versatility of a mother-in-law suite is a great option to consider for long term solutions.

By consulting with professionals about your home needs and your budget, it isn’t hard to come up with a remodeling plan that will work for you. When it is finished, you’ll be amazed at your home’s increased functionality. You may even wonder how you managed to survive before the remodel.