Top 3 Kitchen Renovations for Small Spaces

If you are an avid chef or even just a foodie hobbyist, it might feel frustrating working with a tiny kitchen. Perhaps you are tired of running out of counter space, or knocking into appliances and shelving whenever you are actively working in the kitchen. You may not be able to expand the square footage of your kitchen, but there is actually a lot you can do to use what space you have more efficiently—all with a little TLC.

Galley Layout
If you are willing to make some major changes to your kitchen, you will definitely want to consider modifying the layout to a galley or corridor kitchen. A galley layout makes use of tight, elongated spaces by consolidating counter space, cabinets, and appliances along one or both walls of a narrow hallway. The idea of this design is to keep everything within close distance of the most-used appliances without it feeling cramped. It also eliminates corner cabinets which can be crowded or unusable space. With a galley layout, your kitchen will feel less constricted, especially if you align everything to one wall.

Counter Bar
One clever way to not only increase room in your kitchen, but also expand counter space, is to remove your dining table and install a counter bar instead. A thin counter bar will effectively utilize space in your kitchen because it will fit against a wall without expanding too far into much-needed kitchen space. Furthermore, when not being used to entertain dinner guests, it can be used as an extra countertop for food preparation.

Additional tip: Be sure to measure the proper size needed for your bar stools to ensure they fit properly under the overhang of the counter.

Build Up
If you are running out of lower cabinet space, it might be time to start building up with custom shelving. Keep the shelves long and narrow to best utilize limited space. If you are worried about the accessibility of whatever you may choose to place on a high shelf, a good strategy is to only place your least used utensils and appliances on the highest shelves. That way, your fine china won’t get in the way of precious, lower cupboard space—and it will stay safe where little fingers cannot reach.

Owning a house with a small kitchen doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In fact, you probably have more room than you think—it just needs to be used more effectively. Fortunately, any one of these renovations will help you better utilize your kitchen space and make cooking a more pleasurable experience.

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