Top 3 Implementations of a “Greener” New Build

Green home builds are more popular with homeowners than ever before. Not only do they reduce your impact on the environment, but they also tend to be more cost-effective in the long run. Building a green home doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes careful planning and strategic decisions with a green focus. Keeping this in mind, here are three things you should include to execute a greener new build. 

Using Recycled or Reclaimed Steel When Building

Did you know that steel is 100% recyclable? Using recycled or reclaimed steel can significantly reduce the ecological impact of your home’s construction. Recycled or reclaimed steel can be used in place of wood for your framing. Doing so makes your home stronger against earthquakes and strong winds, both of which can happen in Utah. Thanks to being the most recycled building material, steel is relatively easy to come by. It’s also a long-lasting material that doesn’t need to be replaced frequently, further adding to its sustainability.

Consider using Mini Splits Compared to Whole Home HVAC Units 

Not all ways of heating and cooling your home are created equal, especially when it comes to their level of energy efficiency. Depending on your home’s floor plan and layout, it may make more sense to use a mini-split system instead of a whole home HVAC unit. Mini-split systems don’t rely on ductwork to heat or cool your home. Air traveling through the ducts tends to lose heat as it moves, which means more energy is needed to make your home comfortable. The lack of ducts means that you don’t need as much energy to heat or cool your home.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great addition to most green home builds. If you live in an area that sees plenty of sun, there’s a good chance that solar panels will be a good fit for your home. You’ll produce a good amount of the energy you use, which can lend to savings while reducing your energy impact. Utah offers rebates and incentives for going solar. It allows you to get a credit from the state towards your income taxes. That expires this year, so there’s no time to waste if you want to take advantage of the opportunity. There’s also a federal solar tax credit and the option to use Utah’s net metering system to your advantage too.

If you want your newly built home to be as green as possible, you need to think of how you can be greener with every element of the build and design. Materials, utilities, and various features throughout your home should be chosen by carefully considering how environmentally friendly they are. Remember, if you ever wonder what you can do to make your home greener, you can always consult the experts at Pierce Design + Build.