Replacing Appliances? Consider These Stunning Appliance Finishes When Making Your Choice

Making improvements to your kitchen goes a long way towards improving the experiences you have in it. Even something as simple as replacing your appliances can make a huge difference. When it comes to this particular project, there’s more behind the decision than just the function. For example, there are appliance finishes to consider as well.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel comes in both the traditional silvery color and black. Traditional stainless steel is perfect if you want a kitchen with professional-looking appliances. It works with a large number of kitchen styles, making this timeless finish a good fit in most kitchens. However, it can pick up fingerprints and smudges relatively easily. Black stainless steel tends to hide smudges better and can look really sharp in the kitchen.

Black appliances can look absolutely stunning when paired with various colors of cabinetry, like white. If you love the simplicity and drama of black and white, black appliances may be exactly what you need. For a more subtle look, pair black appliances with dark cabinetry instead. Because of their dark color (or rather the absence of it altogether, to be technical), they tend to stay looking clean longer, even if they aren’t. Black appliances can make a room look a bit smaller, so a black finish may not be as well suited to smaller kitchens.

Have you ever wanted appliances that blend in with the rest of your kitchen? If so, a paneled finish is the way to go. Paneled appliances can be customized to perfectly match your kitchen and cabinetry. You can even choose to make the doors the same style as your cabinets and match the hardware too. This creates an ultra-streamlined look in your kitchen. You can choose to have all or just some of your appliances paneled, depending on the end result you want.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the finish of the appliances you have in your kitchen. Stainless steel, black, and paneled appliances can all look stunning in their own way and are just three options you can choose from. Throughout the duration of your project, keep in mind what you want the final look to be. This will help guide you to the right appliance finish.

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