Remodeling Your Kitchen? Three Kitchen Countertop Materials Worth Considering

Kitchen remodels are some of the most popular remodels that homeowners do. When you remodel your kitchen, there are multiple factors to consider. The materials you use on any given aspect of your kitchen is one such factor. If you’re replacing your kitchen countertops, there are some materials that are especially worth your consideration.

If what you need is something that is practical above all else, quartz is the way to go. Quartz is a man-made countertop material that is made mostly from ground quartz with some resin and pigment to create a nonporous, durable slab. It’s easy to care for, and reasonably priced, and its nonporous nature means that it’s less likely to stain. Quartz is scratch-resistant, but not scratch-proof, so it’s best to avoid cutting directly on the countertop. Another tip, do not put hot pans directly on this material, which can cause thermal shock which leads to cracking.

Granite is a pretty popular option for kitchen countertops, and for good reason. Granite is a natural stone that offers heat resistance, stain resistance, and extreme durability while still being reasonably affordable. It comes in a wide variety of colors, some of which can be especially striking. Granite by itself is a porous rock, so it’s important for it to be sealed and for that sealant to be properly cared for. Sealant can be damaged by heat, so avoid placing hot pans directly on these countertops.

Soapstone is another great kitchen countertop material. It’s on the softer side, at least when compared to materials like granite, so avoid cutting things directly on its surface. If you do happen to scratch it, you can buff out scratches with sandpaper if needed. Additionally, soapstone is one of the few countertop materials that is heat resistant enough that you can put hot pans directly on its surface. Its dense, nonporous nature means that it holds up well against stains and spills too.

Your kitchen countertops see a lot of use. They need to be durable and able to last for years. Quartz, granite, and soapstone are just three options when it comes to the materials for kitchen countertops. Think carefully about both aesthetics and practicality when making your decision so your final choice will be something you’ll be happy with for years to come.

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