Painting Tricks That Help Smaller Bathrooms Look Bigger

Master bathrooms are known for being on the more spacious side. However, not every bathroom in a house is going to have that same luxury when it comes to space. Of course, just because a bathroom doesn’t have much square footage, doesn’t necessarily mean it has to feel small. There are some painting tricks that you can use to help.

Start Light

Conventional wisdom says that light-colored paint is the best when the goal is to make a small room look bigger. There’s a reason why you hear that advice so much. It’s because it works. Light shades of blue, green, cream, tan, or gray can all be great choices. Not only can the lighter shades of these colors help make a room look bigger, but they can also evoke feelings of calmness. Look for shades that are just above a pure white. The color at the top of a paint swatch card will likely be the best shade with this objective. 

Use Darker Colors Carefully

Just because what you hear about making rooms look bigger with paint revolves around light shades, doesn’t mean that darker shades do not have a place in this sort of scheme. In fact, darker colors can be used effectively; you just have to do it carefully. Use darker shades on the upper part of the wall and ceiling. For example, you could achieve this with a two-tone wall that has a lighter lower section with finish work detail and a darker upper section. That can help visually push the walls back, making a space appear bigger. You may find a good shade on the third or fourth square down from the top of your paint deck or swatch card.

Push with Paint

Visually pushing walls and features back with paint can have a powerful effect on how small a room looks and feels. When pushing with paint, the key is to carefully and strategically match and contrast colors. Using a dark color on the upper section of a wall and the ceiling in a small bathroom is important to contrast with a lighter shade on the lower section for a two-toned wall. White is a great option here since it can help other white features, like plumbing, blend in visually. Remember, the darker color on the upper section will help push the walls back visually, which also contributes to a more open look.

There are a lot of tricks that you can use to make smaller bathrooms look bigger. Paint alone offers multiple options. If you’re tired of feeling cramped in your smaller bathrooms, changing up the way the space is painted could be a good way to start. Remember, Pierce Design + Build is here for all your bathroom remodeling needs.