Our Top Three Luxury Shower Must-Haves

There’s nothing quite like stepping into a soothing shower after a long day. However, is your shower really doing everything it can for you? If not, giving your shower a luxury revamp could be the perfect way to make sure that you have the ultimate experience every time you step in. So what components make for a luxurious shower?


No one wants to take a shower in a place where they feel like they barely have enough room to move. If you want to really enjoy your shower experience to the fullest, your shower needs to have plenty of space. Go for something that is at least 60”x36” if you can. We love showers that have enough space to comfortably fit benches for when you just don’t want to be on your feet anymore. Design your shower with niches for storing shampoo, conditioner, soap, and more. That way you don’t have to take up valuable room with shelving that cuts into your space. 

Quality Tiling

Quality stone tiling is all the rage for luxury showers. The unique nature of natural stone means that you can have a stunning design that is yours and yours alone. Natural stone comes in a variety of colors and configurations. You’re sure to find something that speaks to you and fits in with the luxury aesthetic you want to achieve.

Customized Shower Heads

No luxury shower is complete without customized shower heads. These days, most have at least two shower heads. Dual handheld shower heads are especially popular. Ceiling-mount shower heads, also called rain shower shower heads, are another popular option found in most luxury showers. Many of today’s shower head options come with multiple settings you can choose from, allowing you to more fully customize each shower experience. Why stop there? If you’re not taking advantage of a chance to use temperature control settings with auto-memory, you’re missing out on a true luxury feature.

Everyone’s idea of what makes a perfect luxury shower is going to be different. That said, things such as having plenty of space, using quality tiling, and having customized shower heads are good places to start all around. You deserve an amazing shower experience every time you step in. 

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