Need Inspiration for Your Unfinished Basement? 3 Things You Could Be Doing with That Space

Having a basement can be a great asset to a home. At least, it can be if it’s finished. Unfinished basements, on the other hand, have untapped potential. They don’t do you any good until they’re finished. But how should you go about finishing the basement? After all, you need a plan for the space before you get started.

Mother-in-Law Apartment
More and more people are jumping on the multi-generational living bandwagon. Given the rapid jump in housing costs, it’s understandable. Turning your unfinished basement into a mother-in-law apartment offers you a way to help out any family members who might need a place to stay. It also gives you a chance to subsidize your mortgage by renting the space out, as well as the value it adds to your home.

Get-Away Space
Whether it’s a man cave or a she shed, it’s always good to have space you can go to to get away from everything. Of course, depending on your plans and how much space you have in your basement, you may not have to make a choice between them. Planning and or designing his and hers getaway spaces are the perfect underground retreat in your home.

Entertainment Area
Entertainment spaces are always a good idea. Whether it’s a home theater, game room, epic console setup, or even just a playroom for the kids, there are many sources you can pull ideas from when designing this area. Make sure you take things like seating, comfort, plumbing, electrical needs, and space into consideration during the planning process.

Lighting will be especially important. Basements don’t usually enjoy the benefit of natural light, so you’ll be relying primarily on artificial lighting. Make sure your space isn’t too dim. Take advantage of task, accent, and ambient lighting to create balance. Remember to place your light sources purposefully to prevent weird shadows.

It’s always best to have a solid plan in mind for what you want the end result to be well in advance of your project starting. Finishing your basement is no exception. Think about what sorts of things you could use that space for that you don’t already have in the rest of your house. That can give you a good starting place to launch from.

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