Must-Haves for Your Custom Home Theater

If you love movies, chances are that your dream home involves your very own home movie theater. You don’t have to wait until you design your own dream home to have a home theater though. Instead, add one to the home you have now. In order to really enjoy your theater, we have compiled a few must-have custom elements you’ll want to keep in mind.

Custom Lighting
Lighting is essential to any theater experience. Think back to your experiences with lighting in the movie theaters. There’s plenty of light for you to be able to see before the movie starts and after it ends. However, once the movie starts playing all illuminating focus goes to the screen, aside from the safety lights found lining the isles. Use that as inspiration for your own custom lighting. Focus on having enough lighting to see everything clearly and comfortably while the movie isn’t playing. If there are steps of any sort, add safety lighting to prevent trips and falls. Put various sources of light on separate dimmers so you can easily customize the level of light your theater has.

Custom Seating
Seating is all about comfort. You’ll need to take into account how much space you have in your theater and what sort of seating makes sense based on that. Consider how many people you want your theater to accommodate as well. From there, ensure that you like the aesthetic your seating offers and that you’ve considered extra features, such as cup holders, that you might want to have attached. Choose your seating based on your budget and what is comfortable for you.

Custom Sound
We’ve moved well away from silent movies, which means that your sound system is going to have a crucial role in your home theater experience. Decide if you want a surround sound system or a soundbar. Pick the right speakers and have enough subwoofers for your theater. For the best sound, keep your seats at least four feet away and avoid placing them against the back wall. Pay attention to the theater itself as well. The walls and floor will have an impact on the sound quality.

The lighting, seating, and sound are crucial elements for any home theater. By customizing them, your home theater offers a unique movie experience for you and anyone you choose to share it with. Just make sure you pair all of these elements with a quality movie-viewing method to make the most of what your custom home theater has to offer.

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