Most Important Places to Install Outdoor Lighting

What does your home look like at night? When was the last time you looked? Is it well lit, giving it a welcome appearance? Or are there shadows and places where it’s too dark to really make anything out? Having adequate outdoor lighting is important for any home. Not sure where you should be focusing your efforts? We’re here to help.

Over the Front Door
There’s a good chance you already have this covered in the most basic sense, but it’s still worth discussing. Making sure your front door is well lit helps guests coming to your home know where they should enter. It also improves safety by reducing the risk of someone tripping on poorly lit stairs. Anyone with a key will have an easier time unlocking the door when they can easily see the keyhole. Speaking of seeing things, adequate lighting also makes it possible for you to see who’s at your door when it’s dark out.

By the Garage and Driveway
Sure, your car’s headlights should do a decent job of lighting up the garage and driveway when you’re pulling in or out, but adding extra outdoor lighting around these areas ensures better vision when you’re not in the car. Depending on the layout of your home, your driveway could serve as a route to your front door, so it’s a good idea to make sure it’s well lit. It’s also important for security reasons. The fewer shadowy places people have to hide around your home, the safer your home is likely to be. Extra light also makes those warm evenings, after the sun goes down, an excellent place to hang out and shoot some baskets..

Around the Walkways
Walkways and steps are convenient but still pose a potential hazard if they aren’t lit well after the sun goes down. Overlapping pools of light that fully illuminate the walkways and stairways of your home can go a long way toward reducing the risk of injury. There are various styles of lighting you can choose from that will work for illuminating these areas. So you should be able to find something that will complement your home beautifully.

Adequate outdoor lighting provides multiple benefits. It improves the security of your home, makes it safer to be outside, and creates a warm, welcoming aesthetic. You can put outdoor lighting in different areas on your property, but be sure to prioritize your front door, garage, driveway, and the walkways. Those are the best places to start when making sure your home is well lit on the outside.

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