Mistakes You Must Avoid When Finishing Your Basement

If you have a home with an unfinished basement, you’re missing out on what could easily be anywhere from 30-50% of the untapped usable space in your home. Finishing your basement not only increases the amount of livable space in your home, but it can also dramatically increase the value of your home. Of course, like any other project in your home, finishing a basement isn’t without its own set of mistakes that need to be avoided. 

Finishing Your Basement Without a Permit

Did you know that you need a building permit in order to finish or remodel a basement? You might be tempted to just finish it without a permit, but that would be a big mistake. Permits help ensure that your basement is finished according to safety codes. Failing to pull a permit could cost you down the road, literally. You run the risk of poor craftsmanship, difficulties when it’s time to sell, and needing to redo work upon faulty systems. Of course, if you hire professionals, like those at Pierce Design + Build, the responsibility of obtaining a permit falls on us, not you.

Not Insulating the Ceiling

You know the insulation helps keep the temperature in your home stable? It also serves as a diffuser to noise. That’s why insulating the ceiling and walls of your basement is an especially important part of finishing it. Not insulating the ceiling of your basement means that anyone down there is more likely to hear all the noise overhead. That can be especially disruptive if you have hard-surface flooring like tile or hardwood. Conversely, proper insulation will also help keep any noise emanating from the basement from disturbing those above. This is a must if you have a game room or home theater in your basement.

Ignoring Moisture Problems

Basements are often prone to moisture. They’re known for being relatively damp in comparison to the rest of a house. Moisture and dampness can spell trouble for a home, leading to mold growth and water damage. Because of this, ignoring moisture problems while finishing your basement is a huge mistake you can avoid. Pay attention to any water that may be seeping in and take steps to prevent this from happening.

Finishing your basement isn’t something you’re going to want to do more than once. It’s far better to get it done right the first time. That way you can enjoy a quality result sooner rather than later. As with any project, it’s best to do your research thoroughly when preparing to finish your basement. That way you’ll know what goes into the project, what to expect, and what mistakes you’ll need to avoid. Remember, finishing a basement takes a lot of work. Let the pros at Pierce Design + Build do all the heavy lifting for you.