How to Make Your Bathroom Feel More Spacious

Have you ever used the bathroom on an airplane before? There’s barely any room to turn around in there and trying to figure out where everything is hidden can take awhile. No one wants to feel that cramped in their own home, but some bathrooms can be so small that it’s hard to feel any different. The good news is that there are things you can do to make your bathroom feel more spacious without having to actually change how big it is.

Open Up Your Shower
Showers can take up a lot of space, especially in a bathroom that’s already on the small side. Not all of that is a physical effect though. A lot of how your bathroom feels in terms of space has to do with the visual appeal. To try and make your shower feel bigger, you may do a tiled pony wall and no enclosed space. By doing this, your bathroom is bound to feel more spacious immediately. Another rather inexpensive tip, try swapping out a shower curtain for a glass enclosure. Frameless shower glass is often especially effective.

Make the Most of the Light You Have
If your bathroom is dimly lit, it’s bound to feel smaller. Not up for a project that involves electrical wiring? Make the most of the light fixtures you have with mirrors, reflective surfaces and light colored materials. They can bounce the light around the room making it feel brighter, bigger, and more open. Larger mirrors can be especially effective at making a space feel bigger than it is by creating the illusion of extra depth.

Get Organized
How much stuff do you have in your bathroom? How well is it organized? If you have too much stuff and if there isn’t an order to it, your bathroom is bound to feel crowded and cluttered. Decluttering your bathroom and organizing what’s left can really help you make better use of the space you have. Remember, where clutter crowds, organization opens.

In some cases, changing the actual square footage of your bathroom may make sense, but you don’t have to in order to feel like you have more space. Learning how to make the space you have in your home work for you, can be a game changer when it comes to feeling comfortable in your own home. And, who knows, maybe you’ll find that these are things that can help you in other rooms in the house too.

Part of making the most of the light you have in your bathroom is having the right type of lighting.

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