How to Make Sure Your Kitchen Is Well Lit at All Times

If you’ve ever tried working without having adequate lighting, you know how difficult it can be. When it comes to working in the kitchen, not having good lighting doesn’t just make it harder to complete a task, it’s also more dangerous. Kitchens get used at all times of the day and often into the night. So how do you make sure that yours is well lit regardless of what time it is?

Natural Lighting
Natural lighting is an excellent source for any room in your home. This source of light is a great way to lift your spirits and help you feel more productive too. Natural light is a great way to brighten your kitchen during the daytime hours. It offers multiple psychological benefits and doesn’t cost you money the way artificial lighting does. A few strategically placed, good-sized windows can be a great way to utilize the most natural light your home can get.

Ambient Lighting
Ambient, or general lighting is important to a well-lit kitchen. It’s where most of the artificial light in the room comes from and is the most uniform. It can come from traditional recessed light fixtures, chandelier lights, ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures, floor and table lamps, track lighting, and LED downlights. This type of lighting should reflect off the walls to effectively illuminate the room.

Task Lighting
Even if you have great ambient lighting, it still helps to have lights dedicated to your work areas. Task lighting can make it easier to see smaller things, those that lack contrast more clearly, and handle work that requires more precision without straining your eyes. In your kitchen specifically, this makes the preparation process much safer, especially when it comes to handling things like sharp knives. Pendant lighting, under cabinet lighting, recessed fixtures, and portable or desk lamps can all be good options for task lighting.

Having good lighting in your kitchen makes a huge difference in how enjoyable, easy, and safe it is to be in there. Just remember that the level of light does change throughout the day and take that into account as you plan the lighting for your kitchen. By doing this, you can make sure that you have the necessary light no matter what time of day it is.

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