How to Invite Coziness into Your Mountain Cabin

One of the best parts about owning a mountain cabin is that you get to enjoy the beauty that nature offers—in every season. But if your cabin’s interior doesn’t exude warmth and coziness, it will be more difficult to truly enjoy the splendor of the outdoors. Here are three ideas when it comes to decorating your mountain cabin so that it can be a sanctuary that stimulates both fun and relaxation during your excursions into the mountains.

Don’t Forget the Porch
A lot of cabin owners focus more on the interior of the home than its immediate exterior, this is a big mistake. After all, if you are visiting your mountain cabin to be in the mountains, don’t you think that you want a cozy space to actually be outside, in the mountains? Therefore, don’t forget to add plenty of comfortable and functional furniture on the porch. Invite guests to feel one with nature by incorporating padded, weather-resistant furniture, or even a fire pit to roast s’mores during chilly nights.

Add a Lovely Fireplace
Nothing speaks cozy more than a rustic fireplace. If your cabin is missing this important feature, it is probably time for you to splurge on a living room remodel and install a fireplace. While there are many different styles to choose from, you should consider going with a traditional, open hearth, wood burning fireplace. This type of fireplace is a classic and will keep you and your loved ones feeling cozy all vacation long.

Incorporate Antiques
Boost the nostalgic charm of your mountain cabin by incorporating some antique furnishings and décor instead of the generic things you may find at your local mall. Utilizing antiques will give your cabin that “lived-in” feel, making it more comforting and cozy—a home away from home. If you have special family heirlooms or sentimental pieces, use those too! That way, whenever you and your loved ones visit your mountain cabin, they will be reminded of all the wonderful memories associated with this place.

While fireplaces, antiques, and porch furniture will bring your cabin one step closer to that perfect, cozy aesthetic. Don’t forget that true warmth comes from the love and laughter that you bring into your mountain home. Further embrace coziness by filling your cabin with plenty of comfort foods, board games, and friendly faces. Then, your mountain cabin will be a place where relationships are strengthened, memories are created, and the beauty outside is cherished.

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