How to Decide What Floor Plan is Right for You

When building a home, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is what floor plan you want for your home. Choosing a floor plan can be tricky, though. There are many different options, and no single floor plan is perfect for everyone. Some people swear by open floor plans, while others prefer more closed floor plans. So, how do you decide which is right for you?

Consider Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle should be the main factor when considering what floor plan to have for your home. How frequently you like to entertain guests (if you do at all) could influence how open you want your floor plan to be. The number and ages of people living in your household might influence how many bedrooms you include and where they’re located. Additional factors may also include If you or anyone in your household has accessibility needs.

Envision the Future

Life is full of changes, some of which can more easily be accommodated when thoughtfully planning the floor plan for your home. For example, think about where your household is now and where you see it going in the next five to ten years–provided you don’t intend to move for a while. If you think your household will change, consider changes or future milestones in life when deciding how many rooms you want your home to have and their location. 

Remember Your Budget

Every homeowner has a budget to work with when building their home, but that isn’t the only budget that matters. Your floor plan will impact your expenses for as long you live in the home. Heating and cooling will change depending on your floor plan. After all, it’s more cost-effective to heat or cool smaller spaces than bigger ones. General maintenance and operating costs could also be impacted by the floor plan you choose. Talk to your builder about what to expect regarding the cost of maintenance and general operations. 

Deciding which floor plan is right for you can be easier said than done. If you think about factors such as your lifestyle, where you see yourself in the future, and what your budget looks like; You can start to narrow down your options and come up with a floor plan that will be a good fit for your needs. Remember, if you ever need help coming up with a floor plan, our expert designers are ready and waiting to help you create the perfect plan for you.