How to Capture That Rocky Mountain Look with Your Home’s Exterior

There’s something about the way that homes with a mountain-style exterior look that evokes feelings of comfort and security. Which is why it may be such a popular design style for homes in areas like the Rocky Mountains. That, and the fact that it’s a style that just seems to fit perfectly with the surrounding landscape. So how do you go about creating that look for your home?

Choose Earthy Tones
Earthy tones are one of the key elements when it comes to putting together a mountain-style look for your home’s exterior. Different shades of brown and tan are commonplace. Greys laso have a place here. Think about the colors you often find in nature, and you should get a feel for what sorts of colors work well with this style. Trim can either complement or contrast the colors predominantly used in the main exterior material.

Select Natural Elements
In keeping with the naturesque theme, using natural elements is pretty typical in homes with these types of exteriors. Stone and timber feature heavily. Brick, shingles, and wood siding are also common materials featured in mountain-style homes. Using these types of materials on your home’s exterior helps it feel like a more natural part of the landscape, especially when you live in a mountainous area.

Opt for Windows
Homes that feature that Rocky Mountain aesthetic are often paired with great views. That’s one of the reasons why a lot of these types of homes have larger windows. They also often have a few more than other styles of homes might. The number and size of windows give you a chance to better enjoy the scenery around your home. It also gives you better access to natural light. This provides you with multiple benefits, from giving your mood a boost to lowering your electricity bill because you use artificial light less. Make sure the windows are well constructed and are nicely insulated so you aren’t dealing with drafts or energy loss because of them.

Finding ways to create the look you want for your home’s exterior is a matter of pulling a few different aspects together in the right way. Color and materials come together with architectural patterns to create aesthetics that perfectly capture the look you’re going for. Remember, you can always ask us at Pierce Design + Build for help in coming up with the perfect look for your home.

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