Custom Home Builder vs. Tract Home Builder: Which Option Is Best For You?

Not all home builders are the same. There are a few different types of builders including custom home builders and tract home builders. Knowing which option is best for you is critical, as it will profoundly impact every aspect of your new home. So, how do you know which type of home builder is best for you?

Level of Customization

How much do you care about home customization? If you’re satisfied with a more cookie-cutter home and don’t mind having fewer style choices, a tract home builder could work for you. Tract home builders often have a small selection of models and floor plans that you can choose from. By comparison, working with a custom home builder means you have countless options at virtually every stage of the building process. If you want a home that is perfectly customized to suit your needs, a custom home builder is the better choice.

Quality of Materials

Tract home builders may seem appealing because they offer homes at a lower price. The materials they use play into that. Tract builders tend to buy factory-made components and other materials in bulk. Generic materials offer better savings (which get passed on to the homeowner), but it can also mean that your home is made of lower quality materials that are made to look pricy. That works for some, but not everyone. Choosing a custom home builder gives you control over the quality of materials used to build your home. If you want nothing but the best, you can choose exactly that.

Cost of the Build

Your budget could determine who you choose to build your home. Tract home builders tend to be more affordable, which can be good if you have a smaller budget to work with. That said, working with a custom home builder doesn’t have to be unaffordable. In many cases it’s not how much space you have but how well it’s designed. A thoughtfully designed custom house could feel more comfortable to live in even if it’s smaller than a tract home simply because it has more usable space. When it comes to design quality, the right custom home builder will beat your average tract home builder more often than not.

Deciding to have a home built just for you is exciting. There’s something special about being the first one to live in a home. If you want your new home to be just right for you, choose the right type of home builder. It’s far easier to choose a quality home builder once you know what type of builder you need.