Crucial Decisions You’ll Need to Make When Finishing Your Basement

Does your home have an unfinished basement? If so, you’re missing out on the ability to put a substantial amount of real estate to good use. There are a ton of different things you can do with all that space in your basement, but only if you decide to finish it. There’s a decent amount of decision making involved in finishing a basement, especially if you have an intended final look in mind.

Your Layout
If you’re going to finish your basement, you absolutely must consider the layout it’s going to have. Are you going for an open concept layout? Or would you rather divide the space instead? When deciding the layout, think about what you plan to do with the space. The purpose of the basement will have an impact on the layout you choose.

Your Lighting
Think about a time when you were placed in a dimly lit room. It was rough on the eyes, wasn’t it? The very nature of a basement lends itself to being a relatively dimly lit space, one with relatively few opportunities for natural light. As such, making sure there is adequate lighting is a must. Many homeowners find that recessed lighting works best for keeping a basement well lit. As a standard, we tend to spec 3000k light bulbs for a soft white glow. These create a friendly, inviting light that is well suited for high traffic areas, as well as for reading and other tasks.

Your Flooring
Dampness is one of the other characteristics common to basements. Because of this, it’s important to carefully consider what type of flooring you want to have. You can choose carpet if you want something that feels comfortable and cozy underfoot. You’ll have to pay close attention though. Wet carpet can be a disaster. By comparison, vinyl can be a good option as it is durable, holds up well against water, and can look amazing. Whatever you choose, keep comfort, warmth, durability, and moisture resistance in mind.

The decisions you make regarding the layout, lighting, and flooring of your basement will have a huge impact on how usable and enjoyable it is to spend time there. It definitely pays to do research and figure out what the best options are before making a final decision. Once you’ve got that all figured out, you’ll be closer to enjoying your finished basement.

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