Considerations to Keep in Mind When Choosing Siding for Your Home’s Exterior

One of the first things you’re likely to notice about a home is the type of siding it has. Your home’s siding says a lot about the style of your home. As such, if you want to change up the style of your home’s exterior, one of the most significant ways to do that is to change the siding. Similar to everything else, there are some considerations to keep in mind when you’re choosing your new siding.

Perhaps the most obvious consideration to keep in mind is the cost of any given type of siding. Plenty of factors go into the pricing of siding. The cost of the materials themselves, the cost of transporting, and the manufacturing with labor costs are just a few of these factors. Some types of siding take more work to produce, or are simply made of more expensive materials. In consequence, these will be more expensive to buy. There is something to be said for quality as well. While a higher price tag certainly isn’t a guarantee of quality, there is often a direct relationship between quality and price. Of course, if any given type of siding is out of your budget, that’s a pretty easy call to make.

Different types of siding will stand up better to various conditions. You probably wouldn’t use wood siding in Florida, for example. On the other hand, composite wood siding is a pretty popular option in Utah. The siding you put on your home must be able to withstand the elements that it will be exposed to. For that reason, it’s important to take the climate you live in into consideration. Where our business is based in Utah, the siding will be exposed to snow, sun, wind, and rain. Both hot and cold temperatures will come and go. Low humidity is practically guaranteed. You’ll need a type of siding that will hold up to all of that for years based on your home’s environment.

How long siding lasts can be impacted by how well you maintain it. Some types of siding, like vinyl, are pretty low maintenance. Other types like real wood siding, require regular and relatively frequent maintenance if they are to last as long as possible while still maintaining their appearance. Think about how much effort you want to put into maintaining your siding so you’ll choose the option that is the best fit for you.

Changing your home’s siding can have a dramatic impact on its appearance. That makes the decision regarding what siding to use have a fair amount of weight to it. Be sure to keep cost, durability, and maintenance in mind as you make your choice, as well as the appearance you’re trying to cultivate. That will help ensure that you feel good about the decision you make for years to come.