Buried Under Loads of Laundry? 3 Tips on How to Make Your Laundry Room More Family-Friendly

When people consider the most important rooms of a home, they are often quick to think of the kitchen or the living room. But, let’s be honest, without a laundry room, a busy home would barely function! Plus you might feel like you are barely functioning if you don’t have an operating, organized space to get all of those clothes clean. That said, here are some tips and tricks to making your laundry room a more family-friendly, functioning space to work in.

The More, the Merrier
While this adage doesn’t apply to everything in life (think bills—or ingrown hairs), it definitely applies to your laundry appliances. If you are struggling to get all of your family’s laundry taken care of, perhaps you just need to expand your machine count. Not enough space? Then opt for stackable washer and dryer duos to help utilize limited space while still expanding your laundry capacity. Or, consult with a remodeling company for suggestions on how you can fit double the machinery into your laundry room—they will have plenty of ideas!

Install Cabinetry and Shelving
Unfortunately, many homes come with pretty sparse laundry rooms. So, now is your time to get creative and fill up all that space above your laundry machines with functional cabinetry and or shelving. With all that cabinet space, you will have plenty of room to keep your laundry supplies, like detergents, or even all of your single socks (because, let’s be honest, dryers tend to eat those little guys up). This will keep your laundry room more organized, as well as store toxic substances far from small hands.

Use Multiple Laundry Bins
This hack won’t save you space, but it will save you time. Rather than spending hours every week dividing up laundry, try purchasing multiple laundry bins so that you can sort things properly from the get-go. One way of doing this is to have three separate bins for different color combinations: white, colors, and darks. Another thing you might do, is assign everyone in the family a small laundry bin that they can take to the laundry room on laundry day. This also can double as a way of transportation for the clean clothes once the washing is done.

Creating a more functional laundry room can feel excessive or redundant—I mean, is such a small room even that important? But anyone who has incorporated any one of these hacks knows that, by taking the time to give your laundry room a little TLC, you can eliminate more stress than you think. So, don’t forget about that little room. It’s just as important as the rest of the house!

The laundry room isn’t the heart of the home, but it sure is still an important room. Click here to find out how Pierce Design + Build can help you create a laundry room that actually eliminates stress rather than causes it!