Why We Chose To Make Our Scottage Project into Our 2021 Parade Home.

Back in August, I announced on our Instagram and Facebook stories that we had signed with a client to build a home for the 2021 Northern Wasatch Parade of Homes. Having just wrapped up the 2020 parade, I was excited for Pierce Design + Build to have a house of our own and to be a part of this firsthand. If you have been with us for the last five years, you know that we also had a home in the 2017 parade and won “Best Master Suite.” Naturally, we were excited to get back into the game and build a house that everyone would love.

Our client came to us with a vision of the vacation home inspired by a cottage in Scotland, (hence our nickname for the project “The Scottage”).

The client and their family had been looking for several years for a property that they loved based on the cottage in Loch Tay, Scotland. After finding their property just 24 hours after being listed, they had their dream location. Our client quickly got in touch with Habitations Residential Design Group and got to work recreating their dream vacation home.

Our Lead Designer, Heather, was instantly drawn to the design and knew, as we all did, that we wanted to be able to create this dream for our client. Steve, Heather, and I met with the client multiple times and discussed in length what they liked about the house, their personal aesthetic, and an overall rough draft on design.

Let me tell you, the design phase on this project has been so much fun! Heather started gathering inspiration pictures, various samples, and style options to present to our client. I kid you not when I say that our office was COVERED in tile samples from top to bottom. However, this allowed us to compile tiles from different vendors and create our top three choices to pick from. Not only do we do this with tile, but with all of our design selections.

At this point in time, we are still compiling and finalizing the design but here’s a little sneak peek of our design board for the master bathroom.

From a construction standpoint, Morgan, who is the Project Manager at the Scottage said he was excited from the get go because of the authenticity of the design. The actual construction of the home has been difficult due to the position of the home. Being on a hill has proved to present various difficulties. Morgan said though, that the views and knowing what the end result will be, makes it all worth it.

As of January 2021, the Scottage is in the middle of being framed but is coming along nicely. It has been so fun going on site and watching the drawings and design come to life.

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