2023 Northwestern Wasatch

Parade of Homes

The High Point Haus

The design of the luxurious High Point Haus seamlessly blends modernist architecture with the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. The unique property allowed for interesting spaces both inside and outside of the house, with stunning panoramic views of the area. 

With five children and another on the way, the layout and square footage were essential factors in the planning process, resulting in a spacious house for the family to enjoy. Each child has their own personalized space, adding to the individualistic design of the interior. The communal bathroom is luxurious, featuring a bathtub, two showers and plenty of sinks for the children to get ready in comfort.

Pierce Design and Build’s exceptional attention to detail and dedication to quality shines through in every aspect of the High Point Haus, delivering a truly exceptional and luxurious home.

Featured Spaces

Living Space

Mid-Century Modern Conversation Pit

Experience a modern and cozy living space at the High Point Haus. With its seamless blend of indoor and outdoor elements, featuring a mid-century modern conversation pit and a stunning fireplace made with exterior rock, this open-concept space provides a warm and inviting atmosphere for family activities.

The glass bridge

This bridge

Discover the architectural marvel of a serene and beautiful glass bridge in this house. Designed to enhance privacy while seamlessly connecting the structures, this glass bridge is a stunning masterpiece. Experience the unique blend of beauty and functionality as the glass bridge becomes the focal point of the house, bridging the gap between spaces while providing a sense of openness and light.

Interior garden

Bringing the outside in

The interior garden seamlessly bridges the gap between the interior and exterior spaces. Designed to bring nature indoors, it required meticulous planning and specialized construction techniques, including drainage systems, waterproof barriers, and reinforced footings.

exterior Siding

Burning, Brushing, Coating, Staining, Patinaed

Witness breathtaking stonework in the High Point Haus. Carefully installed flat and large stones create an organic and rustic aesthetic. Imperfect grout joints, rough finishing, and a specially formulated grout color seamlessly blend with the design. Experience the stunning integration of stone, wood, and bondarized metal roofing for a captivating exterior.

grocery lift

Cart to Kitchen

Designed to enhance functionality, this architectural feature allows for easy transportation of groceries into the home. With multiple levels and a user-friendly design, you can effortlessly pull up the grocery cart and unload your items with ease. The grocery lift not only streamlines the process of bringing groceries inside, but also adds a touch of modernity to the house.

lighting & fixtures

Cozy & Naturalistic

Natural light creates a bright atmosphere during the day, while warm tones bring a tranquil ambiance at night. Each fixture complements its space, with playful butterfly lights in the girls’ room and a striking triconed fixture above the kitchen island. The raw steel chandelier in the entryway embodies the raw elements that define the High Point Haus.

Featured Subs

DS Custom Tile (David)
Tile Installation

David Sanchez

DS Custom Tile - Owner

David knows the meaning of customer service. He is well versed in tile and it shows in his work. He has built a strong crew of workers that we can rely on. DS Custom Tile is the type of company we as home builders get excited to work with.

John Valenz (Paint)
Interior Paint and Staining

John Valenz

John Valenz Painting, LLC - Owner

John Valenz is a contractor that we have worked with for years. John allows us the creativity we like to have when building custom homes. When it came to building this home I knew he would be the best person to work with as he would provide the final touches on our vision.

Exterior Siding & Trim Work

Connor Meyer

Basin View Construction - Owner

Basin View Construction is a newer company that we found and Connor couldn’t have come at a better time. When it comes to this home the exteriors, it means everything on this home. Connor with Basin View made sure to work hand in hand with us. There isn't a lot of interior trim, but every detail is important. Connor made sure that every piece of trim, from the inside out, were perfect.


Casey Wallwork

Standard Framing - Owner

Casey Wallwork has been incredible to work with. The framing on this home was not easy, but he welcomed the challenge. We appreciate Casey's ability and attention to every small detail. The framing on this home was the foundation, and Casey set the standard for everything on the home moving forward.

Antikk Millworks Black Logo
exterior wood cladding, interior beams, soffit and stair treads

Tristan Harris

Antikk Millworks -Owner

We worked extensively with Tristan creating the wood siding, stair treads, rafters, and soffits. We developed and used new techniques for burning, texturing , and coating to subtly craft the one-of-a-kind finishes that stitch this home together.


Additional Subs


Carrigan Electrical

Rectangle 176

Cannon Plumbing


Husky Timbers


Lifetime Roofing


Green Home Insulation


Tolman Drywall


Prominence Stone


Stucco Nation Exteriors

Parade Info

The 2023 Northern Wasatch Parade of Homes is for everyone looking for inspiration on the latest building trends. The annual event features new homes full of the extraordinary.

This event has a long-standing tradition of displaying a variety of spectacular homes and introducing exciting new trends to attendees in the Northern Wasatch Utah area.

Event Details

Date: July 7 – 22, 2023
Time: 12-9 pm

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