How Long Do Remodels Take?

One of the first questions homeowners ask when doing a home remodel is: How long is this going to take? It’s a valid question, especially considering that a remodel interrupts your day-to-day life for a time. Plus, you’ll need to make arrangements to store furniture and have an idea of when you and your family can return to your home. Here’s what you need to know about how long remodels take and a few general timelines to follow.

Cosmetic Renovations
Updates like interior or exterior painting, installing new countertops or flooring, replacing appliances, or doing new landscaping are all considered cosmetic renovations. They’re usually reserved for homes that are newer and need a few small repairs or updates. Cosmetic renovations can be done yourself or by a professional and can take at minimum a few hours or up to three months to complete. It all depends on the type of project.

For example, repainting a few rooms in the house would be a weekend project, while completely redoing a bathroom may take one to two months. A good rule of thumb is that anything involving plumbing or large carpentry work generally takes a few months to complete.

Medium Renovations
A step up from cosmetic renovations are medium renovations. These types of projects usually require completely gutting a space or larger repair work and take between six weeks to several months to finish. Most home remodeling projects fall into this category. Some examples include:

Finishing a basement

Adding a home extension

Renovating a master bath

Completely remodeling a kitchen

Tearing out and updating plumbing or kitchen appliances

Each of these requires a fair amount of work (beyond that of a cosmetic repair) but doesn’t usually require structural repairs.

Complete Overhaul
These types of projects require a complete gutting of most, if not, an entire house. These projects can take six months or more than a year to complete. Basically, the more you tear out of a house, the longer you’ll have to spend putting it back together.

Those looking for a fixer-upper or a “rehab home” are generally referring to a complete house overhaul. Essentially, the location of the home is perfect, but it requires an enormous amount of repair work and updating to make it livable. Projects that fall into this category usually include structural or foundation repair, house lifting, or second-story additions.

Complete overhauls can also be a large combination of small to medium-sized projects. For example, if you’re planning on finishing your basement with a mother-in-law apartment and putting in landscaping at the same time, it’s considered a large project. With these types of projects, it comes down to the elements of the project and how many are happening at once.

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