3 Places in Your Home That Beg for a Mirror (Hint: It’s Not Your Bathroom)

If someone were to ask you where they could find a mirror in your home, the likely answer you would give would be in the bathroom. Considering all of the time spent in that single room on preparing oneself to be presentable for the day, it only makes sense to have one in there. If you think that’s the only room in your home that would benefit from having a mirror though, you are mistaken.

The Living Room
When you think about the aesthetic you want to have in your living room, what comes to mind? Something light, relaxing, and comfortable, perhaps? If so, then adding a mirror is definitely a good idea. Mirrors can be a fantastic way to brighten a space, given their reflective abilities. It’s just the thing to make the most of natural light and literally lighten up the room. There are a ton of decorative options to choose from aside from the standard single pane mirror, so you should find something that you like. Just be careful about its placement. You want to enjoy the ambiance of the extra light, not be blinded by it.

The Hallway
Do you have hallways that feel a little smaller than you’d like? Would you like to open them up a bit? Try adding a mirror to one end. This can give the illusion of a long hallway. You could provide the illusion of added width with mirrors placed along the long side as well. As with the living room, their reflective nature can help brighten things up a bit here too.

Tip: Frame the mirror (s) if you want them to be more seamlessly integrated with the rest of the hallway.

The Entryway
Similar to how we want to look our best when leaving the house, it’s also nice to make sure that you’ve arrived in a presentable fashion when you get somewhere too. In this way, having a mirror in your entryway serves both you and any guests you might have. It provides an opportunity to give one final glance and for guests to do the same when they arrive and later as they leave.

Mirrors can do a lot more for a home than just provide a place to check one’s teeth to make sure you got all of the night’s dinner out from between them. Whether you choose to use them as a decorative piece, an enhancement, or as a checkpoint, there are plenty of places in a home that could stand to benefit from the addition of a mirror. Don’t feel the need to just limit them to the bathroom.

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