3 Kitchen Layouts and What You Need to Know about Them

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It sees a lot of daily life and provides access to two of life’s most basic necessities: food and water. Because of how much time you spend in your kitchen, it’s important to make sure you have the right layout for it. So what are some kitchen layout options you should know about?

Galley Kitchen
Do you have limited space in your home to devote to a kitchen? Are you a pretty serious cook and want to have everything close to hand? If so, a galley kitchen may be the right layout for you. A galley kitchen is defined by the two sets of cabinets that run parallel to one another with a hallway-like corridor that serves as workspace. It’s not a good option for entertaining in the kitchen, but rather for a serious, efficient workspace devoted purely to cooking. Just try to avoid having too many cooks in there at once. You don’t want to be tripping over each other the whole time.

Island Kitchen
What if you have more space though? For homes with an open floor plan or where the kitchen space is meant to also allow for entertaining, an island kitchen can be a good choice. The island in the middle of the kitchen space serves as this layout’s defining feature. It can serve as extra workspace, storage space, and a place around which to gather and eat. Cater to both form and function with overhead lighting that simultaneously serves as an accent piece and task lighting.

U-Shaped Kitchen
Do you get multiple people in your household involved in cooking at the same time? If so, and if you have a large kitchen space, a U-shaped kitchen may be the best option for your home. This layout is pretty much what it sounds like, with cabinets installed on three adjacent walls to create a U-shaped kitchen. This layout offers you the chance to create an uninterrupted work triangle, something that makes your kitchen a much more efficient space to work in.

Figuring out what kitchen layout you should have in your home starts with understanding what your options are. The galley kitchen, island kitchen, and u-shaped kitchen are just three examples of kitchen layouts worth knowing about. Familiarize yourself with different layouts and their pros and cons so you can decide which one will work best for you.

Changing your kitchen layout can be a serious remodeling project. Check out Our Process to see how we work to take the burden of remodeling your kitchen off your shoulders.